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40% of Women Experience Hair Loss

Hair Loss Treatments San Antonio, TX

At age 40, many women begin losing hair.  By 50, signs of baldness become more apparent and alarming!  Although thinning hair affects both males and females, nearly nearly 40% of hair loss is in women (Source:  American Hair Loss Association).  

The causes may include infections, diet, chemicals in hair products, stress, heredity and even some medications.  Regardless of the reasons, the progression toward baldness is troubling for all women. 

However, recent medical and technological learnings have resulted in treatments that are intended to stop or slow down hair loss.

What is PRP and PRF Therapy?

PRP Therapy Explained

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment (called PRP) is a proactive non-surgical therapy for female patients who are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair or receding hairline.  PRP is actually used to prevent hair loss rather than attempting to reverse full-blown baldness.      ​

PRP works on a very simple basis.  It uses your own blood's natural platelets to instruct the body to create new collagen for improved hair growth.  Utilized in various ways, the platelet solutions can be introduced with injections or by using an automated microneedling system.

When injected into specific areas of the scalp, PRP slows hair loss by containing growth factors that increase the size of hair follicles, stimulates hair growth and improves the thickness and quality of existing hair.  PRP acts as a matrix that promotes tissue regeneration.*   

PRF Therapy Explained

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) is an advanced form of PRP.  PRF has been used for decades in dentistry and orthopedics.  PRF contains stem cells, fibrin and greater concentrations of growth factors.  This higher concentration of growth factors and stem cells promotes more hair growth than PRP alone. 

The fibrin in PRF acts as a scaffolding to keep the growth factors and stem cells in the areas of the scalp where needed.  The PRF does not diffuse away from areas where they are injected.  This releases more concentrated growth factors over a longer period of time. 

How many PRF treatments are needed?  For best results, four consecutive monthly treatments are followed by quarterly treatments to maintain the results.  After a year, treatment frequency can be reduced, based on your specific requirements.  Results vary from person to person.

Learn more about this recent scientific research and technology that has given the medical community new understandings of wound and tissue healing.  PRP and PRF can be performed in physicians' offices in less than an hour.

If you are experiencing hair loss, do not delay in seeking remediation.  PRP and PRF treatments can help slow or stop your hair loss. 

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Dr. Jennifer Ashton tests and describes a procedure that uses platelet rich plasma to stimulate hair growth on The Doctors TV show.  Click here for a short video.

Hair Restoration Treatment
Dr. Jennifer Ashton tests a procedure that uses platelet-rich plasma to stimulate hair growth. Could it work for you? Learn more about the treatment for thinning hair.

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